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A tool for predicting social trends instead of reacting to them

How would your marketing or editorial strategy change if you could predict the future? A startup called Blab believes it has unlocked the key to forecasting highly viral trends – before they break. The company claims that its proprietary technology can accurately predict what, where and when online conversations will gain steam as much as 72 hours in advance. Full Story

3 tactics to drive loyalty - and collect better customer data

Customer loyalty is a scarce resource for many brands. Building it requires a valuable product or service and a great customer experience – and a whole lot of data to inform both. Here are three digital tactics brands can use to build loyalty with customers and prospects, while collecting valuable data that can be used to further fine-tune products and services. Full Story

Mobile will drive global ad spend growth

TV still dominates global ad spending, but mobile is poised to be the main driver of growth through 2016, according to ZenithOptimedia. With a forecast for 50% annual growth over the next three years, mobile will account for 7.6% of all ad spending in 2016, pushing it ahead of magazines, radio and outdoor advertising. Mobile is growing six times faster than desktop Internet advertising. Full Story
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