Back to the drawing board


After I filed my piece detailing my experience as a Demand Studios writer, I was discouraged that I had to leave the reader hanging as I had yet to get my story approved and published.

To recap, my Demand story about “How to design your own website for free” was being reviewed by a copy editor when yesterday’s story ran.

Well hours after the story ran, my editor got back to me, and the news isn’t good.

“I appreciate the work you've invested in this,” wrote my faceless editor in a note that appeared on the article’s draft page, “but we must resolve several issues before the article is publishable.”

Darn. Turns out I didn’t adhere to the company’s “how to” guidelines. An accusation that is entirely correct. In an effort to produce the story as quickly as possible, I tried by best to just imitate what I had read on Turns out, I was way off.

“Right now you're cramming several tasks in some steps,” my editor wrote. “You must start the steps with actionable verbs”.

Demand has strict guidelines for each content type to help assure new writers can quickly get up to speed. The editor even offered up Demand’s guide for writing technical articles and additional way of approaching the story, all useful advice.

Right now I can’t decide if I’m going to go through with the edits, but my editor did offer some encouraging advice.

“This probably seems like a lot, but don't feel overwhelmed,” the editor wrote. “The mistakes you've made indicate you're new to Demand. This will become second nature as you learn the formats and the site requirements”

At least my editor seems like a nice guy. Or girl.


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