Flash workarounds for the iPad


When Apple CEO Steve Jobs first demoed the new Apple iPad, tech bloggers pored over the footage like it was the Zapruder film. Among their findings: a little blue box that would spark a heated debate about one of the Internet’s most widely proliferated multimedia platforms (see Engadget's photo, right).

The blue box on the iPad indicated that, like the iPhone before it, the device would not be supporting Adobe Flash, the interactive platform that many publishers rely on to serve slideshows, videos and interactive stories.

Apple’s anti-Flash attitude hasn’t sat well with some publishers and the CEO has been vocal in his criticisms of Adobe, calling it “lazy.”

As a result, publishers have been struggling to easily adapt their web sites to the iPad without having to eliminate Flash. In fact, if you use a third party to host your videos, chances are you already have this capability.

Below are some companies who are circumventing Apple no-Flash philosophy using HTML5. 

If you are confused about the whole HTML5 vs Flash debate, be sure to read our detailed breakdown about how publishers can best prepare for HTML5, the next version of HTML.

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