Programmer/journalists get their own clubhouse


In 2010, journalists can no longer afford to only write and produce with only one platform in mind. Stories appear online, on mobile devices, on tablets and as data in other applications.  As a result, some journalists are changing their role in the newsroom.

Journalists who seek to think like programmers and use computers to repackage information gathered by reporters are growing in ranks and now have a place to kick around ideas: Hacks and Hackers.

Born out of a bi-coastal effort to help journalists and programmers better communicate and share information, the group has set up a Stack Overflow-like system for crowdsourcing questions and answers like “What are the best tools for “scraping” data off a Web page for analysis in Excel or other software?” and “How do I cross the divide between code and journalism?

The site is still in bootstrap mode, but is worth a look for any journalist or editor thinking of ways to expand their skill set.

For additional reading about the programmer and journalist dynamic, I highly recommend reading "Rethinking Our Thinking" by BCNI Philly presenter Greg Linch and Megan Taylor's Mediashift story about the transition between computer assisted reporting and programmer/journalists.

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