A tool for predicting social trends instead of reacting to them

How would your marketing or editorial strategy change if you could predict the future? A startup called Blab believes it has unlocked the key to forecasting highly viral trends – before they break. The company claims that its proprietary technology can accurately predict what, where and when online conversations will gain steam as much as 72 hours in advance. Full Story

3 tactics to drive loyalty - and collect better customer data

Customer loyalty is a scarce resource for many brands. Building it requires a valuable product or service and a great customer experience – and a whole lot of data to inform both. Here are three digital tactics brands can use to build loyalty with customers and prospects, while collecting valuable data that can be used to further fine-tune products and services. Full Story

Just say no to autoplay video

When did autoplay video ads become accepted practice? Marketers may love autoplay ads, but users generally despise them. Facebook's plan to launch autoplay ads is the continuation of a disturbing trend for anyone holding out hope that advertisers and publishers actually care about the user experience. Full Story

The Internet in 2025: immersive, invisible, ambient - and abusive

What role will the Internet play in people’s lives in the year 2025? More than 1,800 experts answered that question for a new report released by the Pew Research Center. They predict 'an ambient information environment where accessing the Internet will be effortless and most people will tap into it so easily it will flow through their lives like electricity.’ They also raise a few expected red flags. Full Story

IAB urges advertisers to embrace HTML5 for mobile

At its Annual Leadership Meeting in Palm Desert, Calif., on Monday, the Interactive Advertising Bureau issued an open letter to advertisers, imploring them to embrace HTML5 as a universal format for building mobile-friendly creative. An IAB spokeswoman said the letter kicks off a broader joint industry program designed to propel mobile to scale. Full Story
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