Mobile will drive global ad spend growth

TV still dominates global ad spending, but mobile is poised to be the main driver of growth through 2016, according to ZenithOptimedia. With a forecast for 50% annual growth over the next three years, mobile will account for 7.6% of all ad spending in 2016, pushing it ahead of magazines, radio and outdoor advertising. Mobile is growing six times faster than desktop Internet advertising. Full Story

Is 1 second enough to make an ad 'viewable'?

The Media Rating Council has finally endorsed a new standard for viewable impressions of online display ads. A shift from 'served' impressions is an important step toward a common currency for online display advertising and will provide marketers with a more accurate way to quantify their digital investments relative to other media spend. But is it enough? Full Story

Native ad spotlight: Upworthy

Leave it to Upworthy to put its unique spin on native advertising. The mission-driven publisher has launched a native ad program called "Ads We Like," in which it promotes brand videos with the same social-optimized tools and techniques it uses for all of its curated content. There's a big upside for brands investing in good video storytelling. Full Story

Just say no to autoplay video

When did autoplay video ads become accepted practice? Marketers may love autoplay ads, but users generally despise them. Facebook's plan to launch autoplay ads is the continuation of a disturbing trend for anyone holding out hope that advertisers and publishers actually care about the user experience. Full Story
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