4 New Year's resolutions for publishers


A new year is the perfect opportunity for publishers to rededicate their energies to putting their best digital foot forward. Here are four New Year's resolutions for publishers in 2011:

Keep up with social media

Have you been lagging in promoting your content via Twitter, Facebook and -- also importantly -- LinkedIn's company pages? Did your digital footprint on the social media front soften in 2010? David Carr, on Charlie Rose last night, made an interesting point about how social media is increasingly becoming a recommendation engine for established publications. "At a time when there's an abundant amount of clutter," Carr said.  "... Heavily curated content -- content that's branded with names that you know, content that's promoted through networks that can still gather a very large audience -- will do very well."

It's time to get more aggressive. Social media is not the enemy, complacency is.

Have a Facebook strategy

If Facebook comes courting in 2011, should you be on board? Do you have a specific Facebook strategy and should you? Ignore Facebook's over 550 million users at your own peril. Further, more than 80 of comScore's US top 10 sites and more than half of comScore's global Top 100 sites have integrated with Facebook.

A Facebook strategy should be more sophisticated than just the posting of links. Your company profile should have a life of its own, reflecting the innermost philosophy of your brand, having a sense of fun and a consciousness of the conversations going on particular to its focus.

The big question: How do you create a community on Facebook that carries across your brand?

Strengthen your community

Where would a digital publisher like Gawker Media be without their robust community of snarky commenters? Site visitor engagement begins with building a sense of community around your niche. That community, in turn, fuels social media conversation. Let 2011 be the year that you set specific percentage goals to increase participation in your comment threads.  

Make Geolocation work for you

Geolocation, while still in its infancy, is now a legitimate part of the internet landscape, no longer qualifying as just another buzzy trend. But since only 4% of online adults have adopted it, now is the perfect time to devise a strategy and get in the game.

How can you make location aware mobile apps work for you? Is there any way to personalize/customize location technology for your reader? Might partnering with Foursquare be in your future? Can you do something with push notifications

The year is young and these are the sorts of questions that should be going through the heads of publishers.

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