Ad optimizer aims to outperform Google AdSense


Advertising optimization tools continue to roll out as a way for publishers to get more revenue out of display advertising, rather than surrendering to the low CPMs of ad networks. The latest comes from ignitAd, which today announced a simple, self-service solution for publishers to manage remnant inventory. 

ignitAd's offering runs on Bid Optimization Management, a technology that forecasts demand patterns at price points using predictive analysis, forecasting the highest paying advertising source for each ad impression. Right now the platform works with about 20 ad networks and exchanges ― a number ignitAd plans to expand this year, said CEO and co-founder Assaf Roth. The Israel-based company has been brewing for the last couple of years, securing $2 million in funding. ignitAd
Some optimization solutions from providers like PubMatic are focused on premium publishers, whereas ignitAd can also work for mid-sized and smaller publishers ― many of which rely on Google AdSense alone for revenue on remnant ads. ignitAd claims it can help publishers get more revenue from ad inventory than they can with Google AdSense. The service offers a test for publishers to compare using only AdSense to using ignitAd. 
“We guarantee to publishers that if the CPM is lower, we will pay the difference,” Roth said in a phone interview. 
Publishers that use Google AdSense can still use it as one demand source within the ignitAd platform; the algorithm will determine whether AdSense or another source will work better. 
Roth said ignitAd uses data on the publisher's website to optimize results but doesn't do anything else with the data. The technology also integrates the targeting capabilities of the demand sources, whether it be semantic or behavioral-based targeting. In the interest of simplicity, the self-service solution doesn't allow publishers to select the ad networks they work with, but Roth said customers can contact ignitAd for more customization.
The beta service was tested with more than 20 Web publishers such as the articles directory Articlesbase. Like other services, publishers pay on a revenue-share arrangement. Roth expects to attract publishers in more verticals with this launch. 
ignitAd ad optimization platform for publishers

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