Web Analytics Vital Guide

Web analytics tools capabilities have outstripped publishers' strategies for using the insights these tools can deliver. Web stats are a crucial measure of a publication's health online, with reader engagement metrics increasingly looked to as the best indicator that a content website is moving the right way.  This Vital Guide provides hands-on help for getting the most from web measurement tools so you can make sense of all that data.

Web Analytics: What Publishers Should Focus On

Putting a new lens on Web analytics
As the technology evolves, publishers lag in building a real strategy around web stats that matter. No wonder their frustration is increasing.

Emerging Web metrics focus on engagement, audience quality
In the "old days" (two years ago), demographics were a proxy for analytics. Now, media companies should be delving more deeply into who is visiting their sites and how to effectively sell against those visitors. Many experts agree that quality of traffic is becoming a more accurate measure of user engagement.

Web Analytics: Hands-On Tactics for Publishers

5 hidden features of Google Analytics
Google's Analytics team has been unrolling robust features at a rapid pace, making it easy for these capabilities to go unnoticed. We explore five features – with video tutorials for each – that may not be front and center, but can help any media website owner better monitor and act on traffic.

Benchmark your site
How do your analytics stack up to other sites that compete for a similar audience? Do your visitors stay longer, or view more pages? If you know where you are underperforming against similar sites, you can build a rational plan to improve your site. There are many ways to get at this kind of information; here are five we’ve used.

Want better CPMs? Improve your audience metrics
As online metrics evolve, publishers have an opportunity to help advertisers break their obsession with impressions and click-throughs and focus on more valuable measures of audience engagement. Better metrics will help publishers on two fronts: improving the audience experience and enhancing the ROI proposition to advertisers.

Web Analytics Resources

Five rules for high-impact Web analytics dashboards
Dashboards empower a rapid understanding of business performance by tracking the critical business data in an easy to understand manner. Here are some "rules" that will enable you to create dashboards that are impactful and geared towards driving actions.

35 social media KPIs to help measure engagement
A widescreen approach to social media measurement ultimately looks at the things that really matter: sales, profits, customer satisfaction and loyalty. Besides, honing in on the detail might not be the best use of your time, given the obvious difficulties that arise, particularly with attribution.

PPC/SEM analytics: 5 actionable tips to improve ROI
Analytics guru Avinash Kaushik shares five cool, "non-normal" analyses that you can do to get a much better understanding of your paid search performance.

Why it's important to measure engagement, not just traffic, on news sites
So many news sites still focus on building site traffic, which they define mainly by total unique visitors or average time spent on site. Ultimately, however, engagement will do far more to achieve news sites' goals, strengthen community connections and diversify revenue streams than "traffic" ever will.

How to find great keywords and track' em
The author looks at a pair of tools that help users mine keywords (Wordze) and monitor social media (Trackur). The two together make a heck of a team.

Beginner’s guide to Google Analytics
Traffic reports are required reading for any business looking to generate leads or make sales online. This article looks at how to read and utilize Google Analytics reports.

As sales fall, newspapers must find a way to measure multimedia readership
Advertisers may be swayed with new figures as more readers head online and use devices such as the iPhone and Kindle.

Making reputation measurable, usable in emerging media ecosystem
In an era where we have nearly unlimited amounts of information, one of the key issues is how to separate the good from the bad. But measuring reputation is incredibly hard, and currently the tools for measuring are at best crude.