Your eMedia Vitals this week: 7.29.11


Need to catch up? Here are the must-read stories for digital media professionals from this week.

From our staff

Newspaper paywalls: An update: While most newspapers experienced (and likely anticipated) a drop in traffic after initiating a paywall, a few have enjoyed an increase in unique page views. Check out the first of our glimpse into how paywalls are faring with this guide to traffic changes in the last year.

5 ways to launch a deals program: There are a handful of ways media companies can get started in the daily deals space, from aggregated newsletters to full-blown deal hubs. Ellie Behling lists five approaches we've seen so far.

3 ways to enhance daily deal services: The daily deal business continues to attract the attention of publishers, brand marketers and other service providers. As the market evolves, so will the tools and platforms that enable these services. Rob O'Regan looks at three areas where new tools can help publishers differentiate their offerings.

Improving ad performance: above the fold, repetition brings in more clicks: Increasing traffic or targeting on your site isn't necessarily going to bring in more more clicks on banner ads. A new study supports that where ads are on a page and when they're delivered is key to campaign performance.

#F---YouWashington reaches a post every 12 seconds: Jeff Jarvis (@jeffjarvis) unleashed a diatribe on Twitter over the weekend culminating in a call to action asking others to do the same. In an instant, #fuckyouwashington was born, and according to SocialMention, the hashtag was soon clocking a post every 12 seconds.

Visual Revenue adds science to editorial decisions: Newsrooms continue to get more scientific, giving editors access to algorithms to help them make decisions. Visual Revenue, a predictive analytics tool for online media, is one such tool. 

Around the Web

Google Plus business profiles are coming in Q3 (VentureBeat): Google will be unveiling specially tweaked profiles with analytics and more sophisticated sharing options, all coming during (or shortly after) Q3 2011. Originally scheduled to launch at year-end, Google has accelerated the timetable due to the backlash of frustration from marketers.

7 keys to maximum Facebook engagement for journalists (Poynter): Facebook has studied data from journalists’ public Facebook Pages about comments, likes and clickthroughs by day, time and type of post. Here are the seven lessons for journalists.

Print pervasive and persuasive, but digital overtaking (MediaPost): With 82 percent of Americans online, 93 percent owning mobile phones and 155 million using Facebook, access to digital technologies is pervasive, yet retailers still spend an estimated 60 to 70 percent of their marketing budget on printed ad circulars.

Tablets' next trick: mobile commerce (Ad Age): At $176 billion last year, e-commerce already represents 8% of U.S. retail. What do you think tablets will do to that? Let's take a look at some facts and projections.

iPad to dominate tablet market until 2015 (Mashable): The iPad will continue to dominate the growing tablet market until Android tablets take over in 2015, according to forecasts from Informa Telecoms & Media. The study estimates that Apple currently owns about 75% of the tablet market.

The case against apps (Salon): Apps are quite suitable for a variety of purposes, but they are not an ideal format for wide and unmonetized content distribution. In addition to a format mismatch, the economic and practical factors surrounding creating and distributing the apps themselves are indicators that the long-term sustainability of the app paradigm is unlikely.

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