Digital Design: a Publisher's Playbook

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Table of Contents:

  • Death of the page view? How about the rise of the sponsorship
  • An HTML5 FAQ for publishers
  • Are you ready for HTML5?
  • New Web fonts promise cross- platform support
  • How to get an iPhone favicon
  • Four CSS3 features that will make your designer happy
  • Inside the makeover
  • Resources for email design
  • Gawker’s media image-driven redesign
  • Editorial, IT and Design: Can’t they all just get along?

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Taking the redesign plunge can be time consuming, costly and confusing—but done properly, it can also be overwhelmingly rewarding. Today’s redesigns emphasize search engine optimization, personalized content delivery, access from smart phones and other mobile devices, and a host of other issues that publishing teams need to take into account when planning a site upgrade.

Experts sourced in this eBook:

Kyoo Kim
Vice President of Sales,
Lachlan Hunt
Developer, Opera
Tim Wright
Author, CSS Karma
Ann Shoket
Editor-in-Chief, Seventeen Magazine
Ashley Parrish
Content Director, Hearst’s Women and Teen Networks
Jamie Pallot
Editorial Director, Condé Nast Digital
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