iPad Publishing Strategies: a Publisher's Playbook

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Table of Contents:

  • An iPad FAQ for media companies
  • Study: iPad ads boost key marketing metrics
  • Mastering a three-screen approach to digital publishing
  • Three approaches to iPad content creation
  • Is the iPad bringing back narrative journalism?
  • iPad advertising formats that work 

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The enthusiasm around the iPad within media circles is unique. The publishing industry is often criticized for failing to adapt to new and disruptive technologies, but everyone seems to be falling over one another to get their publication into the “app store.” While pundits proclaim that the Web is dead and that this is the era of apps, little is known about how to successfully develop an iPad business.

Magazines and newspapers cannot ignore this platform, but it is still new – and intimidating – territory. Is the cost of producing an iPad offering worth the risk? Are single issue purchases a viable strategy? Should your app be free? What about in-app purchases for issue sales? These are legitimate concerns that publishers face, and this Publisher's Playbook offers information and insight so that publishers can make informed decisions regarding how the iPad makes sense for their brand. 

Experts sourced in this eBook:

Mary Meeker
Analyst, Morgan Stanley
Kit Gould
Managing Director, IDG UK
Adam Kaplan
Mobile Software Architect, The New York Times
Kelly Senyei
Content Producer, Gourmet Magazine iPad App
David Gill
Director of Mobile Media & Advertising, The Nielsen Company
Colleen Newvine
Market Research Director, The Associated Press
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