Redesigning Your Website: a Publisher's Playbook

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Table of Contents:

  • Website redesign roles: A template
  • Tips for creating a website requirements document
  • How to write a website creative brief
  • Let your designers do their job
  • Websites that seduce their readers
  • Seven pillars of content management system (CMS) ROI
  • Responsive Web Design: a primer
  • Shift to responsive design creates ad challenges
  • Using responsive design to tell stories

Updated October, 2012

A media property's website is often a flash point of tension among three groups: the creative team, which wants the site to look its best; the sales and marketing team, which wants the site optimized to attract more eyeballs and higher CPMs; and the development team, which loves to experiment with new bells and whistles. How do you balance that tension to design a website that reflects your brand, attracts (and retains) readers, and delivers real top-line results?

This eBook was designed to help eMedia professionals accelerate their redesign process and improve the end product.  Whether you are a large media company looking to improve your scale or a small media company trying to shift your web business into high gear, this eBook will provide you with the practical knowledge you need to get the best results from your next website redesign.  Download this eBook now by filling out the form on the right.

Experts sourced in this eBook:

Stephen P. Anderson
Product Strategy and Design Consultant, Poet Painter
Aaron Jones
Miranda Mulligan
Digital Design Director, The Boston Globe
Prescott Shibles
Mitchell Speers
President, IMS
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