Rob O'Regan

Rob O'Regan
Job Title:
Editorial Director
Company Website:
Vital Business Media

Rob O'Regan oversees all editorial operations for eMediaVitals. A longtime journalist and editorial consultant, Rob has written extensively on media, marketing and technology topics for a variety of publications and corporate clients. In 2006, Rob founded 822 Media, a consultancy that advises clients on editorial strategy and content marketing. 

Previously, Rob worked at IDG's CXO Media, where he served as general manager of online operations and as the founding Editor in Chief of CMO, a critically acclaimed magazine and website targeted at senior marketing executives.

Prior to CMO, Rob was a senior editor with McKinsey & Company, the global consulting firm. Rob also spent 14 years at Ziff-Davis’s PC Week (now eWeek), where as executive news editor he directed print and online news coverage for the award-winning technology publication.

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