Mitch Speers

Mitch Speers
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Principal Consultant
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Step2 Strategy

An online marketing veteran of more than 17 years, Mitch was COO and co-founder (with Prescott Shibles) of Vital Business Media, and most recently served as President of Digital Media for B2B media company Integrated Media Solutions. His consultancy, Step2 Strategy

, is helping publishers and content marketers better leverage their investments in digital products.

Mitch built a stellar online product development team at Penton Media, focusing efforts on how to deliver better ROI for advertisers and a better experience for readers.  Mitch served in digital product management and business development roles at Prism Business Media, Primedia Business and Intertec Publishing, where he was instrumental in building out both email newsletter and paid content businesses.  Mitch cut his marketing teeth in a series of marketing and digital roles at Panasonic USA after earning his MBA in Marketing Management from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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The New York Times has proven that a very porous paywall can work—one in which just about anybody online can read just about any NYT article for free very easily.

NYT print reader worth 228x online readerMay 25, 2011

Henry Blodget's analysis of NYT print vs. online revenue is fascinating. The average print reader of the newspaper brings in $434 of circulation revenue and $385 of advertising revenue.

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Sourcing images: best practices and best sourcesAugust 31, 2010

This ARGO project blog post goes into useful detail about choosing and sourcing images to accompany your articles.  The focus here is best practices for bloggers with limited funds for buying stock photography, but the advice applies well to any small publication.  Beyond a list of sources for no- or low-cost images, there is a good exploration about the editorial, conceptual and legal considerations in choosing an image to illustrate your content.

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