Do you know your tweets from your hashtags? Or have you advanced to Twitter grad school? In either case, you'll want to peruse the articles below for the latest buzz on the microblogging platform that's fast becoming an invaluable tool for publishers.


4 key audience-development tools for Twitter
Publishers are learning to leverage the popular microblogging platform to measure the way content is being consumed. And a host of third-party tools are helping them out. We look at four such tools recommended by the director of online markting at entertainment trade pub Variety. finds a healthy following on Twitter
Aggressive tweeting and cross-linking increase followers of Time Inc.'s health enthusiast site by 2,500% in three months. Will the bump in buzz translate to site growth?

5 tactics for utilizing Twitter
How can publishers get the most out of Twitter for engaging with their readers? We've compiled five important tactics recommended by a few of our media friends.

10 fastest growing magazine Twitter accounts
The top ten magazine Twitter accounts have increased their followers by more than 2 million in 2009. Could Twitter be the secret weapon to combat falling newsstand numbers?

Measuring the Twitter mindset
Is Twitter a passing fad or the primary platform for social media super-users? We look at some recent surveys that attempt to capture the pulse of the Twitter phenomenon.

Discovering trends with Google motion charts
Twitter is driving traffic to our site, but is it good traffic? Google motion charts help us make sense of it all, in the context of other site activity.



The Journalist's Guide to Twitter
A Mashable blogger talks with reporters about how they use Twitter.

Twitter basics for journalists and recovering journos
A primer to Twitter from square one: How to sign up, Twitter etiquette and more.

The Twitter Guide Book
Social media site Mashable has assembled a complete collection of resources for mastering Twitter, from learning the basics to promoting your business.

Twitter for business
Twitter releases its own guide on how consumers can make connections with businesses.

Case Studies

A year of news tweeting: lessons learned
Five things that the Austin American-Statesman learned about using Twitter to engage the social media community.

Reporter uses Twitter to connect with, provide insight into sources
The story of how an environmental reporter at The Charleston (W.V.) Gazette used Twitter to engage two coal mining executives – and share their tweets with his followers.


Deconstructing news stories into Tweets
Imagine if a journalist writing a breaking news story online tweeted each element of the story as soon as the information were verified.

Rules of engagement for journalists on Twitter
While Twitter has become a vital journalistic tool, there are still multiple questions around professional journalists' activities on Twitter that require thoughtful, open debate.


A Twitter client for journalists – and others
A UK tech journalist created a desktop client that helps you organize your Twitter streams into a more orderly set of functional categories. The goal: make Twitter more digestible.

Your guide to enigmatic Twitter hashtags
How do you make sense of those words preceded by a "#", which denote what a Tweet is about? TechCrunch offers some tips.